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Product assembly

Product Assembly Department  
   Automatic Assembling Machines Stable and consistent quality High efficiency Low defective rate   
    The 1st manufacturing section

Production :
F-091 Series ; F-092 Series; F-093 Series;
F-094 Series; F-095 Series; F-24K Series;
F-081 Series; F-082 Series; F-131K Series;
P270 Series; P160 Series; JM10K Series;
JN10K Series; JP10K Series; FSR08 Series;
FSR10 Series; J08K Series Rotary Potentiometer, Switch and so on
Monthly Output:
12,000,000 pcs

Typical Application:

Mixing consoles and electronic musical instruments,DVD player/recorders in car,game consoles and flat panel TV,electronic toy controllers ,Remote controllers for audio system and TVS and so on.
  The 2rd manufacturing section: Production: 1.F-08E Series F-11E Series; F-12E Series; F-16E Series rotary encoder and so on
2. Fxx92 Series; F05G Series; F035G Series;
Fxx31 Series; Fxx05 Series; Fxx06 Series;
Fxx43 Series; Fxx45 Series; Fxx2G Series;
F10008GP Series; Fxx46 Series slide potentiometer
and so on
3. FSE1001, FSE1101, FSE2801, FSE07 sensor potentiometer and so on
Monthly Output:
5,000,000 pcs
Typical Application:
1. Mixing consoles, DVD play / Recorder, Various AV equipment, Navigation systems in car and so on
2. Electronic musical instruments, Dimmer .protable audio and various audio equipment and so on
3. Automobile accessories.  

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